Monday, October 3, 2011

Wrangler Jeans Giveaway. Because Why Not?

So I got this email asking if I wanted to do a giveaway on the blog for a Men's Wrangler Jeans, and immediately I'm thinking, "Sure! I bet I'd look great in a Wrangler!" And I'm looking at all the different styles they have on the site, thinking whether I should get a skinny one or a wider one, or a dark one or a faded one, and I'm looking at all the Wrangler celebrity models, wondering if I look more like a risk-taking Dale Earnhardt, Jr. or a quiet type Brett Favre.

I send an email saying, "Sure, sounds great!"

And I get an email back from Wrangler people, saying the winner of the giveaway will get "a pair of comfortable and durable men’s jeans from Wrangler," and email back if I have any questions.

So I don't really have questions, but then I'm about to write this post and I realize it doesn't say anything about me getting a pair myself! And I can't really email them back and maybe even just give a hint that I would love a pair for myself (maybe ask if they think I'm a Favre or a Earnhardt?)

So nothing in it for me this time, I'm afraid. But you can get yourself a pair of men's Wrangler jeans, which is also great. For you, at least.

I'm not a fan of You can only win this if you follow me on Twitter and on Facebook and circle me on Google+ giveaways, so all I ask is that you leave a comment (and live in the US). I'll do a random drawing in a week. That's all.

Well, it'll be nice if you tweet or link on Facebook this line:

Win a pair of comfortable and durable men's jeans from Wrangler!

But I'm not going to make you do it. I will be grateful if you do, though. Come on... Do it...

Update! Extra Extra!

They're giving me a pair too. Hence:



  1. please pick me! maxsmommy10 @

  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway! This dad could use a new pair of jeans. You should ask them if you could write up a review on your blog. Then, you should get a pair, too. :)

  3. Hi Oren, I used to wear Wrangler jeans, but in recent years I've had a hard time finding them in my local malls - almost as if they had gone out of business. Ray

  4. Why not ask them for a pair for yourself? If you like them, you're going to talk about it, right?

    Being a "skinny" jean guy, I'd love to win a pair of jeans (especially since I don't quite fit into my size 32" anymore). I'm officially submitting my entry.

    Even if I don't win, I still love your blog, Sir!



  5. It's not often you find giveaways on mens items. I'm not particularly active on facebook or twitter, and Google+ (what's that?), but why not!

  6. My husband needs new jeans :)
    thanks for the chance

  7. Hey, thanks for the comments and everything. They must think I'm a nice guy (probably talked to my mom), because now I'm getting a pair too. And soon I'll have a Wrangler-Brother.

  8. Sponsors are coming. :) You're so popular already!

  9. I think they will also give you because you are the host. :)

  10. I went ahead and facebooked it today :)

  11. Oh! I missed it! But we've all had stomach bugs here...well, not ALL of us. There are potentially two more who could fall at any time...

  12. I sure hope the remaining two take care of the rest of you!



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