Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Which I Share a PR Email About Bullying

In a society where appearances dominate perceptions, physical features have unfortunately influenced bullying.

That's how the email starts. Well, fair enough. Although victims of bullying are often chosen at random, physical features can definitely influence a bully's actions.

So, what is this email about? Maybe they're trying to get me to publish a guest post about ways to confront bullies? I don't really do guest posts, but if it's for a good cause... Let's continue reading the email.

Kids are afraid to look stand out because of their difference of appearance; making them a potential bullying target.

That's not really English, but I can understand what they're saying. Kids who look or act even slightly differently from a perceived norm may be more likely to be victims of bullying than those who blend in. Also somewhat true, although it's not that clear cut. While kids in my elementary school bullied each other, the reason for bullying was often more random than related to clear physical differences. One kid's parents were too old. Another kid was too smart. One kid was a bad dancer... In fact, the hemophiliac, disabled kid in my class wasn't laughed at. Kids often helped him carry his bags on his way to school (even if partly because showing up carrying his bags gave kids an automatic pass for being late for class).

But let's continue reading this email, and see how a PR company suggests we overcome bullying:

Consequently, many young children with conditions such as astigmatism grow wary about their eye-wear in fear that they will be called “nerd” or “freak” by their peer aggressors. As a result of school-hall torment (and an attempt to avoid) the student may remove their helpful glasses. This action could lead to increased sight impairment and (increased) lack of educational focus.

Right. Wait, what?

Although contact lenses require a dedicated sense of responsibility, they can be an excellent choice for children.


Once contact lenses are decided upon by the family, and prescription is obtained from the child’s physician, the most convenient and inexpensive way to buy them is through

And there you have it. has just solved the problem of bullying in this country. Your kid comes home crying? They called him a nerd? Don't confront the bullies or his parents, don't teach your kid to stand up for himself, don't get in touch with the school or with the police. Why go through all this trouble when you can teach your kid life hurts less if he acts like the bullies want him to act and looks like they want him to look?

And now it's even cheaper to fight bullying because offers significant savings and discounts for customers: free shipping for purchases over $50.00 and a “best price guarantee” that promises to match competing prices.


  1. That is $50.00 well spent. I would rather pay that amount than fight with a child or their parents.

  2. Wow. So that's it, huh?

    Now all we have to do is make sure school principals the world over know that contact lenses are the solution to bullying. I wonder if contact lenses could cure hunger and poverty too? I's worth a shot, right?

  3. I laughed out loud reading this. Man advertising is getting hilarious! I think we should ship contacts to the middle east to create peace.

  4. I can't believe a contact company has so much information on bullying. I should have them come into my classroom and give some talks on bullying, maybe sell some contacts while they are at it.

  5. I think they are on to something big here.

  6. Jill, that's it, edible lenses would solve world hunger.

  7. Mercedes, don't worry, they'll find a way to fight over those too.

  8. Cheeseboy, I just hope you don't have freaks and nerds in your class!

  9. Seattledad, the Nobel committee has been informed.

  10. Bullying ain't that bad if it teaches a child how to fight for himself.

    A petition for anylens to remove these ads and emails

  12. Thanks! Signed it and put a link up on Twitter.

  13. The bullying and the lenses are not that related I guess.

  14. It's a kind a sad that some people tend to take advantage on this sensitive issues concerning kids. It's up to the smart discretion of the parents if they'll fall on this, but what if a bullied kid read this, he might fall for the ad.




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