Sunday, June 5, 2011


Now that we're done celebrating the "Top Daddy Blogger Lists," it seems like a good time to highlight a blogging dad who has less visitors, less Klout score (whatever that means), and less blog comments than he deserves.

Henry, of Henry's Blog v2.0, writes about his kid, about the wife, about the soon to be Baby Number 2, about blogging in general and dad-blogging in particular, and about Twitter interaction. He posts quizzes and great photos and the occasional cool video.

We don't have that much time to read, and reading blogs is a zero-sum game, unfortunately. Soon enough, we find a small group of blogs we like and we stick to them, because otherwise we'll get lost on the Internet and Google Reader will show us the dreaded "All Items (1000+)" line. Still, every now and then, we should take the time to discover the lesser known gems of the Internet. This week, I hope I convince you to read a dad's blog you've never read before. Then I hope you stick around there and make it a part of your cycle. Dooce has enough readers, you know.



  1. Google reader - is that what I need to try? There's been absolutely no method to my blog-reading madness ever since bloglines made whatever that change was that caused them to send me emails saying they were going to abandon me and then send emails saying they WEREN'T going to abandon me but were going to become relatively useless...

    Anyway, very nice picture & neat other blog! And I had a lot of thoughts about your last post, but never managed to make any of them into a comment...

  2. I've gone through fits on not reading any blogs, only reading one blog, and reading 50+ blogs. I can't seem to find the perfect balance between not spending all day online reading the google feed reader and getting blogs delivered to me via RSS.

  3. Henry seems like a blog I should add to my list of blogs I would like to read if I had more time.

    Nice to meet you Henry.

  4. Jill, I gave up on Google Reader and gave in to chaos. But every once in a while I still get some good reading done. But I'm still searching for that one reader that makes sense to me. So far, though, chaos is winning.

    James @ Metal, I know. I tried many things, but I always eventually get overwhelmed. Liking on Facebook some of the blogs that update frequently has actually helped.

    James (SeattleDad), hey, cool. I can't even imagine my former self, having time to read and comment on blogs. In my pre-sahd job, there was about one day a week when I would go to a data entry room and wait for the data. That meant 7 out of 8 hours spent surfing blogs. The Golden Age of Reading.



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