Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ramble On


Look for me over at Dad of Divas, where I ramble on about my wife, my kids, my Wii, spanking, Buddha, finding balance, self-identity, Cancun, Twitter, Sarah Palin, and Christmas music.

It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will make you rethink your life-choices. Well, it will make you rethink the decision to click on the link.

But do it anyway, because I prefer talking to other people than talking to myself.


  1. Great, New follower here. I'll talk regularly. Very busy travelling and then I like catching up with some other dad's out there to discuss family stuff and other with.

  2. My wife is 5 months along the way and we'll soon have a little girl. Reading your posts make me (guess what!) excited about having another diva at home! So how does it feel to be outnumbered all the time?

  3. Actually there's a 3 year old boy as well, so we're all even. If anything, my wife is the outnumbered one, considering the world is divided into people who love olives and people who hate olives, and both kids join me in the first group while my wife is all alone in the second group...

  4. I don't know how familiar you are with the work of digital marketers, but any award that offers you a "Badge" is essentially just trying to get an SEO-friendly link from your site, which might help their rankings. I'd be wary of any "list" that offers that as a prize...

  5. I know. I've been blogging since '96 (not here), and I've seen a lot of bad people spending a lot of time taking advantage of a lot of good people.

    (I assume you meant to comment on the next post. It confused even me, because I'm used to comments being at the bottom. I'm too lazy to learn to fix it, though...)



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