Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As much as I appreciate meeting so many fathers through this blog and on Twitter, finding and introducing blogs written by fathers outside the circle of friends I've recently made is a real privilege.

Her World, Our Words is a blog written by Aryaa's parents (although I could only finds posts written by the father), and its focus never shifts away from the girl. But along the way, every post reveals a little bit about a culture I know nothing about. I wanted to write "almost nothing," but who am I kidding?

Basanta's family has recently moved from Japan to Nepal. (There's no About page, but if I understand it correctly, the family started in Nepal and moved the Japan, and is now back in Nepal.) Reading this blog is a treat, because it reveals the way fatherhood in other cultures is similar to my own experience here.

There are funny posts and more serious posts, all full of love and an honest wish by Basanta to understand his daughter's world. Like most parents, he seems to search for the balance between guiding his daughter and simply standing by and observing as she finds her own way.

Come for the anthropological curiosity, stay for the cute girl.

Her World, Our Words



  1. i have to say, that girl is real cute!!!btw, nice blog u have here :-D

  2. Baby is looking really cute and i admire her alot!!Your content is really good to read out,Very Impressive..

  3. Thank you very much for introducing my blog here!

    As you have said above, we are from from Nepal. We were in Japan for some years for our postgraduate studies. Aryaa was born in Japan. Now we are back to Nepal.
    I update the blog but we (me and my wife) discuss the content of each post before posting.

    My best wishes to you and all the readers of this blog.

  4. Thank you and thank you.

    Basanta, I'm glad you liked it. And I hope you don't mind me using a picture of your girl here without asking for permission... (I know one day someone is going to get mad at me for that...)

  5. It is really flattering to read writings which tackle father and daughter/son relationship (family matter) and describing the world which they are into. I found it simple but I can see the essence of the content. Definitely, Basanta understood his daughter's world. Anyway, thank you for sharing this information.

  6. From the title alone, a message about parenting is clearly stated. I hope many others can see it as I do and make it as an inspiration in their own lives. Keep up the good work and God bless!

  7. Wow! What a charming little girl. Bringing up kids in this generation is a challenging to do especially for a father but after all it is the most rewarding experience. I am glad you shared this to us. Keep on inspiring lives. Thanks! :)

  8. Now a days we can find few fathers who can really get into the emotions of his children especially daughters,because they are usually close to the mother..anyways,this blog reflect the opposite and brought a great sense to parenthood.

  9. I know a little about Japan, but nothing about Nepal. I'll have to check it out! Thanks.

  10. Hey Keith, I hope you like it. It's full of love.

  11. What a cute and charming little girl. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  12. In order to understand the emotions of a child you must relate to their world first and set aside yours..your blog makes me wonder if I had done that to my son when he was still young..

  13. I love getting those glimpses into other cultures. It is really neat to see the similarities and differences.
    Great blog.

  14. Being a parent is not an easy task,especially if you are a father. You have to be loving yet authoritative at the same time. For Basanta keep it up love your family as you love yourself.

  15. It really amazes me to hear and read writings which concerns a father and daughter relationship. In this post, I can see the true essence of a father to his daughter and how he get into his daughter's life. Anyway, thanks Basanta for sharing this valuable writings. This keep us inspired. Keep posting.

  16. Hey Oren. It is refreshing to see a fathers blog once in a while, and yours is pretty good I must admit. I loved some of the funny stories you had and more importantly you also have a good selection of "daddy" blogs around.
    Me and my wife are expecting our first child to come soon and I maybe I`ll join the network of father bloggers.




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