Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The DADvocate Project

I wish I could post a blog post every day here. Maybe one day I will start doing that. When that happens, it won't take me three weeks to respond to emails like the one I got from DADvocate's Kevin Metzger.

In his email, he asks to either cut & paste his post or rewrite it. I didn't see any (good) reason to rewrite it, and I was afraid of doing a bad job, so here's Kevin talking about the Dadvocate Project.

Well, I trimmed it a bit.
The DADvocate project is founded on the belief that as culture, business, and society has changed so has the approach men are taking towards Fatherhood and family. I believe there are quite a number of factors that contribute to this change and I wanted to put together a study to find out if my thoughts had any merit. As a result I have put together the largest privately conducted survey of dads ever undertaken. Our goal is to survey 1000 dads and interview 100 of them to get a feel for the modern day dad.

If you are a dad then you'll want to participate by completing the survey. You may also want to sign up to be interviewed. If you do sign up to be interviewed then you'll be entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad to be held on August 1st. The survey is 60 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete but it's for a good cause. I also want to ensure that I will not be using or selling any personal data. All data will be aggregated and personal details will be removed. If you don't care to be interviewed you can also take the survey completely anonymously.

The DADvocate project is starting to gain momentum and you will want to be part. Here are some quotes from others who have participated in, and/or support the project. . . .

If you’re a dad join as by taking part in the survey. If you’re not a dad share this with all the dads you know and encourage them to participate.

OK, just finished it. It was mostly harmless. Even fun. They ask about my personal income (you don't have to answer), and offer options which go from "Under $30,000" to "More than $50,000,000." And I have to say, it took everything I had not to choose the latter. I didn't read The Secret, and I was only able to make it halfway through The Alchemist, but is that what these books are about? If I chose "More than $50,000,000," would the universe have conspired to make it happen?

Another missed opportunity... Better luck next time.


  1. You are doing good work and it would be more better if you start posting on regular basis then it would be more better for your readers as well..

  2. Thanks so much for posting. I'm thrilled, honored and humbeled that you chose to do so. Please let me know if I can ever do something to help you out as well.

  3. Might as well take the survey, too. I wonder how it feels to be interviewed. lol By the way, there is no need for you to write everyday. Just make the posting more of a regular basis like once or twice a week.

  4. Great post ill try the survey too it looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Thanks for sharing this project. I'll discuss with my neighbors.

  6. Really you are rocking men. keep posting. i like ur website. i will bookmark it. and thanks for keeping things. and i am remembering some things when reading this one..



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