Saturday, February 20, 2010


There can't be a better time to finally mention Xbox4NappyRash. For months and years, his blog has been on other bloggers' blogrolls under the heading "Fathers," because Martin and his wife were trying so hard to have a baby. He was an honorary father, because we all knew that while we were complaining about sleepless nights, about the cost of diapers, about our kids throwing food on the floor, spitting, puking, crying, hitting, and even hating, Martin would have accepted it all with joy for the opportunity to have a child.

With great, honest writing, the blog had moved reader from hope to despair every month. We were there with him when he decided to have a baby, we were there when it didn't quite work, and we stayed when he tried again and again.

Well, we weren't really THERE. But he told us about it.

And then we were there when hope didn't make way for despair. Carefully, we stayed there, thinking that maybe this time, good things would happen to good people.

Earlier today, nearly three years after her parents had made the decision to have a baby, Sanne was born.





  1. Dude....

    I'm at home now having left them at the hospital to get some sleep and all this stuff I see is blowing me away.

    Absolutely nuts, thank you.

  2. Get as much rest as you can. Now the real ride begins. Congratulations again.



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