Thursday, December 3, 2009


One day, as I was surfing reading writing Tweeting and generally minding my own business, I stumbled upon Jason from Out-Numbered and immediately asked, "Where have you been all my life?" Even though I'm a collector of blogs, I'm actually more or less alone here, because his blog is pretty well-known. Still, more people should read it, and I'm proud to do my part.

Apart from the fact that Jason is funny and a great singer/dancer, what I like about his blog is that there are no fillers. There's no "Here's a picture of a tree we walked by on our way to Daycare." Apologies to tree-picture-bloggers.

Jason makes sure each post stands alone and is worthy of the readers' time. There's the amazing Snack-Story Fairytale, the disturbing Thanksgiving post, the post that could help all parents answer life's hardest questions, and many other posts where Jason shows us what it's like to be out-numbered by the females in his life.





  1. He's not 1/2 bad, for a guy and all =)

  2. Out-Numbered, thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

    WeaselMomma, I understand him, you know? More than I understand most women. Even if I don't understand his beard.

  3. Awesome blog!! Found you on Twitter. I am a fellow Baltimore blogger :) I'm in Perry Hall/White Marsh. It's great to see a "Dad Blogger"! Kudos!

    Please stop by and visit my blog!

    I'm a new Facebook Fan, too :)


  4. Shelley, hey! Thanks and thanks and thanks!

  5. wow ! both baby are so cute ! i love to both ! thanks for picture

  6. Lol, no tree fillers?? Those are my fav! I should check his blog out, I'm still so amazed there is such a big network of Daddy blogs!!! Hopefully my future husband and father of my unborn children will start a blog about how much he loves his family. :)




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