Monday, August 24, 2009

I give up. I have a Twitter account.

It's not because Rick Sanchez has one, and it's not because Rachel Maddow has one, and it's even not because Larry King has one. Oh, and it's definitely not because Ashton Kutcher has one.

It's because I'm curious about it, and because I think it might add another dimension to the blog by allowing me to get to know more fathers and maybe by them getting to know this blog.

So go to my all-new Twitter account, and follow me there. And if I haven't followed you yet, leave me your Twitter link in your comment.

BloggerFather Twitter



  1. I haven't plunged into the twitter world, but have read that it can be great for blog exposure!

  2. I will go and follow you! I started doing the twitter thing a few months ago, and I must admit that the concept still somewhat elludes me. But, I keep trying and I somehow keep learning new things about people through it, so I'll just keep doing it :-) Good for you.

  3. I will be stalking you, I mean following you, on Twitter.

  4. Chris, I don't know. Maybe. It just seemed like something I couldn't ignore anymore. I was making fun of people with cellphones for years until I got mine. And congratulations!

    Keith, without Twitter, how would you know what Rainn Wilson has to say about psychics? "If you call a psychic and the phone rings before they answer it, hang up because they're not really psychic." Other than that, it's a place to collect all the blogging fathers I find (did that sound weird?). And thanks for following me.

    DGB, thanks. Same here.



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