Wednesday, August 19, 2009


And it's about time, isn't it? Chag Holland seems to be doing whatever he wants on his blog, Cynical Dad. There are long posts and short posts, Twitts of the Week, a playlist for a Twitter radio show, and pictures.

And it all seems to work perfectly together.

This blog shows that the empty page that greets us when we're getting ready to write can and maybe should contain anything we want it to contain for our blog to represent a fuller picture of ourselves.

Chag is a stay-at-home father, but as his About paragraph shows, he's other things too:

Hello. My name is Chag Holland. I am a major pop culture junkie and music lover. I like to photograph weird things. I am a conspiracy theorist and an amateur cryptozoologist. I am an avid sports fan and follow the Yankees, Panthers, and Tar Heels. I am a stay-at-home dad and have two wonderful children and one beautiful wife. I write about all this stuff.

None of us is just a father. Or just a sports fan, for that matter. While we raise our children we also maintain our relationships with others and with our own ambitions and ideals. You can be a good father yet remain cynical. You can be a blogger who uses the word "Dad" in the title of your blog because you feel fatherhood has come to define you to a point, yet write relatively little about fatherhood.

Using the word Dad doesn't stop Chag from writing about the other stuff, just like fatherhood doesn't simply define who we are, but adds to our lives and to our understanding of ourselves.




  1. I appreciate the kind words, man!

  2. I'm gonna echo this...Chag writes an awesome blog.

  3. Chag, sure. Glad you liked it.

    DGB, it's like it's too easy for some people to write well.

  4. It is a great blog. I like funny blogs and he hits that straight on the nose. His quarter posts are hilarious.

  5. Dad Blog, I'm with you. Even when he's funny, he stays honest, you know?



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