Sunday, July 19, 2009

DadLabs (and peepee teepees)


It's been almost two months since I got the email about DadLabs. They asked me to have a look, see what I thought. I write a blog about fatherhood, after all. And here was the book--maybe I'd be interested in that too?

So of course I said Yes, but then I left the country for a couple of weeks. And then I had to write about Playtex because I get annoyed at stuff, and me getting annoyed at companies that don't know fathers exist trumps everything else, because I left my zen on the mountain top.

And then it was time to have a look at the site and at the book. And I was scared. What if I really hated it? They try to look at fatherhood from an honest but humorous perspective, which could mean a disaster on both ends...

So of course I was very happy when I actually got to the site.

There are relatively serious videos about fatherhood issues like co-sleeping, there are product reviews, conversations with the kids (in this one, we learn poop smells delicious), Michael Bay movies, and peepee teepees.

The peepee teepee video, by the way, includes Sebastian Maniscalco, whose stand up show on Comedy Central you may have seen. I did. Twice. But for the record, peepee teepees don't work. You know how Goofy goes to fix the water pipe but it explodes and water shoots up and Goofy finds himself in the air, being held by the fountain? Now imagine Goofy is the peepee teepee.

And finally, the book, which you can get (and read more about) here, is just as funny and honest as the videos. You know Jon Stewart's America: The Book? Well, that's the fatherhood version. It aims to discuss things you don't dare discuss because you think you're the only one with questions (as a person who's never held a baby before I held my own, I know how that feels), and it discusses things you know all too well about, but in an original way that aims to show you that, again,

You're not alone.

DadLabs Guide to Fatherhood


  1. Hi, there, I'm a blogger dad myself, and a new follower. Thanks for advertising on my blog, that way I found this blog, which I liked very much.

    Greetings from Waterloo, Canada! :-)

  2. Looks like a funny book - I'll keep it in mind next time I know someone who's about to become a first-time dad :)

  3. Gabriel, thanks. And welcome!

    Becki, it is it is!

  4. My friend just became a new dad and I bet he'd appreciate this. Great review.

  5. Thanks, FimF. I really hope he likes it.



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