Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What to tell a pregnant woman who hates you because she's suffering and you're not

My wife didn't have an easy pregnancy. In fact, she had the most horrible time a human being can have, apparently. And just in case this pregnancy thing happen again, I need to remember to avoid saying, "I know how you feel." You've never seen rage until you've seen a woman who has been puking every day for 40 weeks and now the baby is feeling pretty comfortable where he is, thank you very much, for at least two more weeks, and her husband says, "I know how you feel." I swear, for a second, her eyes turned bright red.

Thankfully, we now have a study that will help us comfort the soon-to-be mothers.

Morning sickness linked to smarter babies

Children born to mothers who have morning sickness may be smarter than those whose moms don't have nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, suggests a new study.


  1. Now that is interesting.
    I had morning sickness with all 4 of mine and I have to say they have all grown up very independent and intelligent adults:)

    Thanks for the facts!
    The point of followers to me is it shows that those bloggers are willing to support your traffic and it is an easy list to have for paying it forward yourself :)

    Have a good one!

  2. Good find - I wish I knew about this one when my wife was pregnant. She was a trooper though and never really got that sick.

  3. Dorothy, see? Although I doubt there will be anyone saying, "I had a great pregnancy and now my kid isn't that clever."

    Tyler, for my wife, feeling sick became just another part of the pregnancy. It was all worth it when the baby was born, but she didn't really have the "pregnancy glow." In fact, she would probably have beaten you up if you mentioned the words Pregnancy Glow.

    Jen, they say Einstein's mother puked five times a day and three times a night!

  4. I am on my second pregnancy and I am suffering from rage. It is really scary.

    Laziness and rude remarks like "p*** off" and "shut the F*** up" turn me into Mount Vesuvius.

    There are two adult males living in the house. They can be very inconsiderate and lazy the disrespectful. ie leaving dangerous things lying around the house for my 17 month old to pick up and refusing to clean up after themselves.

    I haven't been physically violent thank goodness but I can shout the house down. I feel really scared and sad about it but I can't afford counselling because my husband lost his job.

    I get so angry I can't contain it. I am not like this when I am not pregnant. I feel like a piece of dynamite at the moment.

    I don't know what advice to give you. I just try my best to be patient for a long as I can contain it. It's still a two way thing even with pregnancy rage in the equation.

  5. Ooh... I'm sorry you're going through that. Right now, with my wife being on her third trimester, I'm trying to find the balance between helping her when she needs me and staying away when I feel I need to stay away. It's all worth it.. It's all worth it... It's all worth it... And it will be over soon, you know? Good luck.

  6. Morning sickness is just really a terrible part of pregnancy. But then again, all the hard times are definitely paid off especially when you see your lovely baby upon giving birth.

  7. Maternity, during the first pregnancy, I think my wife would have been thrilled with morning sickness... It lasted all day for 9 months. But still, looking at our boy, maybe sometimes she thinks it was worth it all...

  8. Oh my kids should be absolute geniuses then!



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