Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guest Post in the Baltimore Sun

Charm City Moms
Just a quick note.

I got an email on Tuesday from Kate, who writes a parenting blog in the Baltimore Sun website. She asked if I'd be interested in writing a guest post, and of course I said Yes. Now, it's not every day that you get to write a guest post, so naturally I couldn't limit myself to one subject. I had to get it all in.

Which means there's a paragraph about Nina from Sprout (nothing about Star. She's really too good for him).

And a paragraph about learning from my son.

And one about my son falling off his crib.

And one, of course, about 1-800-Flowers.

If you have a chance, visit the site and read the post, and even leave a comment as a Father's Day present for me. I don't care if you just say Hi or if say you completely disagree with me, and that Star is really the reason you watch Sprout. To each his own.

Nina and Star 
And just one more thing. On Tuesday, between 6pm and 9pm, Kate will be at the Windup Space in Station North for what the Sun is calling a Tweet-Up, which I assume is like a meet-up, only--I don't know. I don't get Twitter. So let's call it a meet-up. In the email, she writes, "We'd love to see you and other bloggers there, so spread the word!"

So if you're in Baltimore or around Baltimore, or not even near, but have access to a train or an airplane, I might see you Tuesday.


  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your blog!!!

  2. Many congrats on being invited, and doing the guest post. Gonna head over there now to read it. Pretty blog, and thoughtful writing :)

  3. Julie, thanks. After a couple of weeks away, there's no better comment to read.

    Ailurophile, thank you. Hope you come back.



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