Friday, May 15, 2009


Ever since that whole parenting thing started, I've been noticing new things. And I'm not just talking about my baby pointing at a familiar tree and me realizing there's a bird's nest up there. No. What I mean in this case is prioritizing self-identity.

Even though I write a father blog here (and there), and even though I stay home with my baby, and even though I spend much of my day chasing him around with a spoon full of YoBaby, I consciously try to define myself in my own terms first, and in relation to my family second.

Kevin, at Always Home and Uncool, defines himself first by using the most undefinable phrase in the history of humanity: a Gen Xer. If I got anything by reading Douglas Coupland's book, Generation X, it's that Kevin and I are lost, but we get by. We even get by happily most of the time.

It's a funny blog for all Gen X fathers out there, who worry sometimes that they're supposed to give their kids some kind of direction, but knowing there's no one true way, settle on the next best thing: making sure their family is happy and that they're doing the best they can.

I know it sounds corny. But in our Gen X world, where everything is fake and ideologies are manufactured and then tossed away, our families' happiness is actually the one truth we can be sure of.

Always Home and Uncool




  1. Thanks for the honor and write up. I'm just a mixed-up product of overprotective parents and fleeting panic attacks wrapped in Lands' End overstocks. Odd that I'm No. 28. It's a number that haunts me. An unrequited love in high school wore that on her sports jersey. It's the day I got married. It was the number My Love and I had in the school auction when I mistakenly outbid someone on a $170 book and lunch party with a teacher when I actually thought it was a gift certificate to the local Indian casino. And now ... this.

    I'm touched. ;-)

  2. "our families' happiness is actually the one truth we can be sure of." true indeed! niwey, thanks for your comments.

  3. Now, if I married your unrequited high school love, that would be weird. Glad you liked it. $170 to have lunch with a teacher? That's the saddest thing I've ever heard. There should be a country song about that.

    Donald, you're welcome. And thanks for visiting.

  4. I admire how much dediccation you have as a fworlaup, the . Keep it up. The world is running out of dads like you.

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  5. Thanks, Bravemomma. Although I don't know what a fworlaup is. Maybe it's a bad thing? Maybe it's Latin for "A man with his finger up his nose"?

    Sorry it took me a while to get back here, but I was away and now I'm probably too late to do any Father's Day thingy here. When is Father's Day, anyway?

  6. You dedication to your family is really great and I appreciate you for that. Keep it up!

  7. I like the post. Your dedication is awesome..



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