Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We worry. Sometimes I think we had our baby just to have an excuse to worry. And as he grows up and achieves his milestones, we find new reasons to worry. How come it's been a year and he still doesn't have his teeth? Okay, here they are. A cousin's baby is a month younger and already walking! Okay, he's walking now. But does he get enough protein? Are we hurting him by raising him vegetarian? He fell on his face. Again. Should we call the doctor?

But then I read this blog and my own worries seem so trivial.

Robert's daughter suffers from a rare disease that has left her speechless, and had initially left him with nothing but guilt.

Robert's blog, however, is not about guilt, but about his transformation into a father. In a way, it's about that old Hero's Journey that puts a heavy load of responsibility on the unsuspecting person, and as he learns to overcome and cherish that responsibility, he finds his role.

Through this blog, we see Robert's frustration and joy. His struggle and achievements. The never ending journey of fatherhood.

And we see his beautiful daughter. About the picture below, Robert writes,
If you want to know Schuyler and how she takes on a mean world that she nevertheless loves without limits, here she is.

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