Saturday, August 23, 2008


Down With PantsDown With Pants is a little different. In an effort to maintain his pre-fatherhood masculinity, Brandon identifies himself as a "dude" rather than calling himself "a father." Of course, this is a losing battle. Once you're a dad, there's not much you can do to regain the glory of your youth. You can fight it by going to Home Depot and by buying state of the art grills on Craig's List, but your Flickr page says it all--the pizza pictures/baby pictures ratio tells me you're pretty happy letting go and giving in to this girl.

Down With Pants

Monday, August 18, 2008


Escaping EnlightenmentRuss from Escaping Enlightenment has decided to stop trying so hard. New Get it Done sites appear every day, each with easy to follow tips on ways to make our lives so much easier. We can Lifehack our way to serenity if only we download a program. We can start saving money if only we fill out our expanses on this budget program. We will get it done. All of it. And have fun doing it.

Well, it's not that easy to "find enlightenment while working two jobs, being a husband, and being a father." In fact, reading these sites can probably do nothing but raise a busy person's frustration level.

On his quest to escape the enlightenment the internet promises, this blogging father tries to find his own way. Working while raising kids and making sure the wife stays happy can't be easy, but there has to be a way. Russ searches for his own way.

Escaping Enlightenment

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chuck and Mike (and Scott)

D is for Dad is written by three dads (although Scott has been absent for a while), with the attempt to "provide some good content, from different voices, around what it means to be dad. The moments when we revel in the joy and success of our kids, as well as those times we are just trying to keep them from hating us."

True to their promise, the three relate their unique personal experiences with pride and momentary despair associated with parenting.

I personally get a bit lost when I look at three columns of text, but I'm a bit limited like that. Otherwise the navigation is fun, with drop down menus and easily accessed archives and links. Some great stories about the life-changing experience of fatherhood and about the little things fathers encounter.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Jim from The Busy Dad Blog, calls himself "A plain old dad. Not an enlightened new age parent, not a “Mr. Mom” and most definitely not in touch with my feminine side (well, now that I read a ton of mom blogs, this statement is easily debatable)." This is indeed debatable, especially as he posts about his trip to the Blogher '08 convention... Nothing wrong with that.

Still, a great read from a self-proclaimed blog addict, who like most other bloggers, finds genuine, incomprehensible pleasure in reading about other people. And like most bloggers, Jim's "Google reader is now several novels long." I know what he means. That (1000+) marker is our enemy.

Then, there's an added bonus. Jim collaborates with artist Jeff Day to create Busy Dad Tales, a comic strip based on Busy Dad Blog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Dan is a stay-at-home dad who likes writing and daddying (Firefox spellchecker, get with it). In his own words, he has "recently moved into the profession of making those privileged Caucasian-American babies everyone loves so much these days ("this millennium's Beanie Babies!!!"), and I am merely waiting for that investment to mature in spades."

Great humor and honest writing. At times it's straightforward copying of his kids' pearls of wisdom, while at other times he uses subtle humor, where the punchline is hiding in a footnote.

Give it a read. Subscribe. Enjoy.


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