Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Dan's "About" page says he is 31 years old, and lives in the north of England. He lets his readers define him as "a Brit with wit," a "reflective and captivating writer," and "the sexiest bearded, Diet Coke drinking, hiking blog father out there." I'm not here to argue any of these points, just to report objectively.

Dan spends a lot of time with his two kids, but recently he took some time away from them for a nice countryside vacation, which included hiking 78 miles in 6 days. It was for a good cause, The Joseph Salmon Trust, which everyone is encouraged to check. Spending time with two young children should be a piece of cake after that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bill from Inside Fatherhood writes for b5media, which means this blog is a little less personal than others. There's weekly recall information, booster seat laws, the odd post that links to an Amazon product (it costs money to raise a child), and even Brangelina baby news.

But still, the personal touch is almost in every post, and it's clear that writing this blog is not simply a job, but an obsession. At least "until such point that my child is rich and famous and can support his old man."

Friday, July 11, 2008


It's great fun to start with Chris from He's funny, and he's into good music, and his son's cuteness will be hard to beat.

Chris calls himself An American expatriate - upside down down under. He lives in Australia. Just moved there from Florida with the family: Sinead and Zach. He calls himself a geek.

And that's all we really need to know. You will get much more from reading him than reading my review. Figure out with him what it means to be an expatriate, what it means to have a family, what it means to be a father, and what's the deal with Australia.


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