Saturday, November 29, 2008


Daddy's Toolbox review
That whole parenting thing is very confusing. The fact that babies don't come with manuals was a cliche even before Britney Spears' mother used that as an excuse, but it's one cliche that happens to be true. What makes it worse is that everyone with a 2-week-old baby offers advice to the parent of a one-week-old.

And the advice contradicts an advice from another parent. Not to mention well-meaning grandparents. And not to mention an unhealthy obsession with milestones.

When it comes down to it, all we can do is our best, while hoping for the best.

Jeff, of Daddy's Toolbox, is searching for advice on the best way to make his son wear a coat. He wants to be a hip daddy. He wants to be a fulfilled individual while dedicating as much time as he can to his kids.

Parenting is not easy, and even if it did come with a manual, who'd have time to read it? We improvise, and sometimes we make mistakes. And sometimes great things happen.

Unspoken Excitement


  1. Sure. Glad you liked it. I think this place is slowly becoming a way for me to understand fatherhood by looking at other fathers' writing. So thank you.

  2. They are great things, and they keep getting greater the older they get. It's worth anything in the world, and I wouldn't trade it.

  3. Hi, AWB. I'm with you there. For me, it's getting harder at the same rate it gets better and more fun. Funny how that works, no?

  4. Are mummies welcome here too? I love this site and I love what you're doing. I mean by making it okay for Dads to open up to their kids and know that the world is not over when they have a little one. It just takes balance and patience... lots and lots and lots of patience. Plus, know that you're not perfect and you're probably not going to make all the right decisions.

  5. Riah, thank you for coming and commenting. And of course you're always welcome here. I'm just trying to create something small and unassuming, and I'm glad you like it.



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